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How water gets in your basement and what to do to fix it?

Basement leaks are common and happen when grounds around the foundation become overly saturated. Gravity pulls rain and surface water down into the soil around your home. Concrete and foundation walls absorb the water thus leading to a wet or damp basement. This is most commonly known as hydrostatic pressure.

Most homes are built with an exterior system. This includes placing a pipe and gravel system around the base of the foundation cloggcollecting rain and surface water at the footer. The footer is the lowest level of your home that foundation walls rest on. These systems become clogged over time and cause a large amount of water to build up around the foundation.

IMG_0495-23-04-18-09-07The most effective way to preventing water intrusion is done by placing an interior waterproofing system. This is done by cutting a trough for water to be collected around the base of the perimeter. This way water penetration can be collected, absorbed and tunneled into an unground waterproofing system. This subfloor system carries water to exterior drainage line thus keeping your basement dry and mold free.

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