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Open vents under your home are just one of many ways cold air can come in during the winter time. These vents should be sealed to eliminate outdoor air from entering your home through the crawlspace. By sealing the vents you block out cold air and prevent cold floors under your homes foundation. Also sealing the vents keeps warm air out and high humidity out during the summer time. Raised humidity is wet air and this air increases the risk of growing mold. If mold is found it needs to be eliminated to stop the spread. This is done by removing or replacing all insulation. Then applying a mold blocker and preventative treatment to your homes crawlspace.



Cold air can also enter in from pipes and cracks though your homes foundation. These areas need to be sealed and can be done so a number of ways. Crawlspace walls and floors should be covered and sealed to keep your living space warm and insulated. The ground beneath your home can reach outdoor temperatures that will admit cold air to the under slab of your home. Sealing theses areas not only keeps the cold out but also holds back damp dirt, reduces soil gases and stops mold. Our antimicrobial liner is a double ply 20mil nylon treated plastic sheeting. It’s extremely durable. Its hung, pined and sealed together on the walls, floors and columns of the crawlspace. This procedure is called encapsulation or as some know as closed crawlspace.


Before an encapsulation system is preformed, the crawlspace must be a good candidate to do so. The area must be inspected for any signs of water intrusion first. Visible discoloration or  a white powdery film present on walls is one of many ways to determine if you have a water leak. These areas must be sealed or a water management system be installed before any encapsulations be applied. Installing an encapsulation system and knowing ground water leaks are present is a huge mistake. Although a closed crawlspace system will keep out moisture, it will not prevent or keep out large amounts of water. Water can and will find a way to penetrate seems in the plastic. Water could appear and pool on the plastic surface. This is why the crawlspace must be inspected for water intrusions first. The liner does not prevent or block ground water penetration without the combination of a water management system.

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Some would think, “Well I’m not concerned with my crawlspace.” “I never go down there and my floors are sealed so I’m good.” Wrong. Most homes furnace’s are located in the crawlspace. If your crawlspace is harvesting stagnate water, soil gases and toxic mold, everytime your air condition unit comes on you breath in this toxic air. This toxic air can cause so many problems and health risks for you and your family. You can feel tired. You can become very sick or ill by these allergens you breath in. Even if your furnace isn’t located in the crawlspace as most homes are. This does not eliminate you from serious problems. Water is moisture which harvests mold. Mold can spawn on floor joists, dirt and areas of the crawlspace not touching soil or water. Stagnant water is absorbed by the air increasing humidity. Humidity is absorbed by the exposed wood in your homes structure creating the ideal breading grounds for mold. Mold will spore and spread through the air and on floor joists in the crawlspace. It will not stop unless it is treated. It will spread into walls and eventually into your living space. This is why it is very important to eliminate such problems before your home is at greater risk.

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A wet crawlspace can also rot wood casing saggy floors and foundation settlement. Cold air in the winter time can dry and crack soil and foundations. Most foundations are damaged in the wintertime and when it rains in the summer, is let in through the damaged areas.

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Sealing your crawlspace this winter will stop cold drafts and save you big money on energy costs. Wet Seal offers you a free no obligation home inspection. Take advantage of our Encapsulation offer this winter and save big bucks other companies try and fork out. We advise you get multiple estimates when it comes to hiring a contractor. This way you can see the difference in price and savings our company has to offer. We provide customers with an honest price and inspection from the beginning. Giving you the best rate and option that’s suitable for you and your needs is what Wet Seal is all about. Let us help you keep your family safe and healthy this winter. Call the experts Today!



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