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Helpful Tips

Downspout Tips

Are your downspouts extended? Rule number one when executing a proper downspout extension. Making sure the exit line is left completely open. This ensures all trash and debris are guaranteed to exit the pipe and prevents any future clogging. Pop-ups and lawn scape outlets are never recommended on any downspout extension.

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Piping Tips

Running down spouts and gutter run off away from your homes foundation is key to keeping a dry basement. Preventative maintenance like catching surface water and piping them away from the foundation can be done by adding catch basins and channel drains. One of the many ways to save yourself in the long run is practicing these tips to insure a dry basement or crawlspace. 

Crawlspace Tips

When installing an interior crawl space system some waterproofers prefer using 4 inch insulated piping also known as “EZ Flow.” The piping is stuffed with peanuts which are made of Styrofoam. Installers use this method trying to avoid using gravel for installation or by cutting their gravel use in half when installing a crawlspace system. Why do we recommend not using this product? Because Styrofoam floats! What is supposed to happen is water is filtered through the peanuts to prevent silt or mud from clogging the pipe, but in heavy down pours, water fills and over floods the trench making the pipe float, pushing the pipe out of the trench completely. Leaving your system destroyed and mangled. Also leaving and inviting mud and silt into the pump and potentially damaging and clogging your pump. The proper way to install a crawl space system is using filter fabric, slotted corrugated piping and then weight the piping down with gravel. Use this tip to prevent future headache.

Crack Injection 

Here’s a helpful tip about crack injections. They don’t always work!
Take this picture for example. The customer had this injected a couple years ago by another company. Not only did it not last but the source of the accumulated water started pushing through other areas other than the crack. This accumulation can cause more hydro-static pressure  which can lead to more stress and cracks. The only way to properly seal the wall and alleviate this type of pressure is by installing an interior sub floor system.
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