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Crawlspace Repair

How water enters the Crawlspace:

Water entering a crawlspace is very common. Usually caused from bad drainage and downspout run off. Our team has put together a state of the art system that will keep your crawl space dry and mold free. Most contractors will try and sell you different solutions and options to try and cut cost. When it comes to the safety of your home and health we have the best solution for you. The only option we recommend is doing the job right the first time using our VaporBright crawlspace system.
VaporBright Crawlspace Encapsulation
VaporBright is a 10-mil commercial grade vapor barrier designed to encapsulate a crawl space or basement. The multi ply nylon weave and polymer laminate demonstrates exceptional strength and resistance to brute force and punctures. VaporBright’s design prevents any odors and gases from entering the home.
crawlspace repair
Atlanta's Premier Choice for Crawlspace Repair

Prevents Moisture and Odors From Entering Home!

VaporBright is a 10 mil commercial grade vapor barrier used in applications that demand exceptional impact or puncture resistance, in addition to brute tear resistance. VaporBright’s multi ply nylon weave and polymer laminate design will prevent any odors and gases from entering the home.

Dirt and mud are common in most homes and present unique problems to homeowners. Soil inside the home can produce humidity, odors, and radon gases. Damp, humid crawlspaces are a breading ground for mold and mildew, which can spread quickly throughout a home.

Easy to Install Professional Vapor Barrier!

“One third to one half of all structures have damp conditions that may encourage development of pollutants such as molds and bacteria, which can cause allergic reactions — including asthma — and spread infectious diseases.” – Environment Protection Agency.
Dirt crawlspaces present a great problem to homeowners. They give rodents and insects an easy entrance into the upper levels of a home. Structural damage to the floorboards, walls, ceilings, and carpet can be caused as a result of the dampness and humidity of an open crawlspace. VaporBright provides the answer to all these problems instantly!

Atlanta's Premier Choice for Crawlspace Repair

Clean, Bright Look!

Our professional grade vapor barrier is an outstanding product because of its rugged durability, long-lasting protection, and clean, finished look. This white-on-white design will expand the size of the crawlspace and give you a flawless, bright finish.