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Crawlspace Encapsulation Methods Can Transform Your Atlanta Home

Crawlspace Encapsulation Methods Can Transform Your Atlanta Home

Crawlspace encapsulations in Atlanta is  more of a need than a trend. This is because of a numerous problems such as humid weather, rats, rodents and mildew in Atlanta.

Crawlspaces are usually dirt and can become a home to bugs because they are usually dark and humid. Due to this darkness, humidity and isolation these crawlspaces develop mold. Now, with the help of crawlspace encapsulations you can overcome this menace and keep them away for a long time.

What is the actual meaning of crawlspace encapsulation? It means that the encapsulation system stops outside air from entering into the crawlspace so that the area becomes less humid. This task is simple. The walls and ground are completely sealed with a vapor barrier. All forms of vapor seams and junctions are covered. Vents in the crawlspace, which are usually closed in the summer end up creating humidity, are also sealed. Air conditioning is done using one of the three methods:


Air from HVAC system

Exhaust fan


Anyone can figure out if his or her crawlspace requires an encapsulation or not. The symptoms of this problem may include: uneven floors, mold on wood, drywall cracks on the interior, foul odors in the house, mold or rodent related issues, heightened allergies or even Asthmatic symptoms being seen.


  • w4Once this has been figured, you must determine whether the crawlspace could be encapsulated in the current form or any changes are required to prepare it for sealing.
  • Next step in crawlspace encapsulations is that the floors and walls are to be sealed completely.
  • The walls can be covered using transparent plastic sheets.
  • If there is a wooden floor, then the ends of the walls are treated with a chemical solution. This is done to protect the wood from bugs, mold and rot.
  • After this, the drainage mat and plastic sheets are used to cover the floor. The next step would be the insulation of the foundation walls, crawlspace doors and band support is done.
  • At the end, the air needs to be conditioned.
  • Since the crawlspace has now been isolated from the outside air, the air inside must be treated. This is done from one of the three methods named above.
  • The goal is to lower the humidity level to below 55%.
  • The best and the most reliable method to do this is to install a dehumidifier.


Atlanta crawlspace encapsulations has many advantages. It has a huge impact on the quality of indoor air. One can breathe better with a well vented crawlspace. It keeps the floors from being cold in winters and the house from being humid in the summer. It helps customers to lower their energy bills and the cost of floor repairs. Moreover, it prevents mold related diseases and increases the value of the house itself.