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Effective Mold Prevention Tips for a Healthy Home

Mold is one of the biggest enemies of your house. A complete mold treatment becomes inevitable if you have ignored its presence for a long period. Your house is your heaven. You have a lot of memories, sweet and sad moments that you have spent in this place that you just love it. However, there are various ways that nature tests your ability to fight for it and mold is one of them.

Mold is not only harmful for your house but can be harmful for your health as well. Widespread mold can cause various chest and nasal infections and allergies. You can perform mold treatment if it is small in size; for larger infestations it is better to call for professional help.

Identify the places that require mold treatment. One thing you should know that mold is not that easy to get rid of. So, possibly you would have to get rid of the stuff, sections of walls, carpets and floors that have deep mold infestations. Places with light mold can be treated quite easily.

Bleach is one of the common household items that can be used to kill mold. An easy way to do it is mixing 1 cup of bleach in 1 qt of water and using a pump sprayer to spray the mixture on the affected area. If you have tiles in the area having mold, you can also add some detergent to the solution so that it becomes easier to scrub off the mold.

Before getting started, be sure to wear protective clothing, masks and cover your hands and feet so that it does not get in contact with your body.

Spray the mixture on the affected area and leave it there for 5-10 minutes. After that, use a scrubber to scrub off the mold from the affected area. Once you have cleaned it, use a mold prevention solution to keep the mold from coming back.

If mold has lightly affected the carpets on the floors, get them to a carpet wash service to get them cleaned. Carpets over heavily infested mold cannot be reused and you have to dispose them. When lifting the carpets, be sure to roll the carpets, wrap them in plastic sheets before disposing them away.

While doing mold treatment, be sure to have good ventilation to avoid harmful fumes and spores getting in contact with you. Use an old fan or buy a cheap one that can be thrown away after use.

Before you finish, do a careful inspection that you did not leave any affected area unattended. Existing mold spreads very quickly and may again come back way before you could expect.