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Basement Waterproofing

Basement Water Problem

Most homes find water entering a basement through the joint between the basement walls and cement floor, also known as the cold-joint. A more severe basement water problem is seen in homes seeping water up through cracks in the basement floor.If your basement is constantly leaking water through the cold-joint, your home my be situated in an area where the surrounding soil is water saturated.

This is a mild to moderate basement water issue that can be solved by installing a basement waterproofing system and sump pump for drainage. If your basement leaks in through the cold-joint during a heavy rainstorm or during the spring thaw, you have minor waterproofing basement issue that can easily be fixed by installing a basement waterproofing system.

The water around a home’s foundation is forced into the basement by hydro-static pressure, which is the pressure exerted by a the water due to the force of gravity. You can not stop hydro-static pressure, but you can relieve it by drilling weep holes into the hollow cells of block walls foundation where it most commonly builds up. Basement with poured foundation walls do not have hollow cavities, therefore, hydro static pressure does not build up inside the basement walls. The next step after relieving hydro-static pressure is installing a waterproofing basement system.

Professional Basement Waterproofing Solutions
Professional Basement Waterproofing Solutions

Problems of a Wet Basement

Water leaking into a basement presents many problems to a homeowner. If belongings are being stored in the basement there may be water damage to the property. Basement water can also cause a musty smell in the basement and could lead to mold and mildew growth from the increased moisture levels. A wet basement can also decrease the value of your home.

Basement Waterproofing Solutions

Choosing the correct basement waterproofing solutions depends on the source of your basement water. As talked about in the section above, the cold-joint is the most common source of a wet basement. This type of wet basement can be fixed with an above floor channel that is adhered to the basement floor and rests against the basement walls along the perimeter of the leaking basement. An ideal waterproofing basement product is the Seal Guard basement system. 

If your basement leaks water up through the middle of the basement floor, it will be necessary to install a sub-floor system. A professional waterproofing contractor will bust up the perimeter of your basement floor exposing the footing and surrounding area. A layer of rock will be added to the area of in front of the footing and basement system will be placed on top of the rock, then directed to a sump pump. Often times a vain from the system will be sent out through the middle of the floor.

A wise addition to any style of a basement waterproofing system is installing a vapor barrier along the face of the wall that will tuck behind the system. This is especially important if you are considering finishing your basement. Our certified technicians are trained professionals who will walk you through and determine which option would be best for your homes situation.

Professional Basement Waterproofing Solutions
Professional Basement Waterproofing Solutions

Sump Pump Kit

Sump pumps are the heartbeat of any basement waterproofing project, therefore, a quality pump is your best choice. Cast iron housing is the industry standard. They are heavy, durable and dissipate heat well.

When choosing a pump, consider the switch type. The diaphragm switch tends to be the least reliable. Tethered float switches do work well, until the tethered device comes in contact with the side of the basin leaving it unable to function correctly. Choosing a sump pump with a caged arm float switch is the favorable choice in the basement waterproofing industry, as they are protected from contacting the basin wall.

With most waterproofing systems, a 1/3HP pump is sufficient, if needed, you may upgrade to the ½hp pump to do the job. The standard sump basin measures 18″ x 22″. There are basins designed to house up to three pumps, however, only one in five thousand homes have the need for a three pump system. Consider using a quality High Water alarm in stead of spending a fortune on a multi pump system. Your best protection is an alarm system that will call you when the system fails. This gives you the ability to address the problem as soon as it is necessary.

Basement Water Source

Your house really needs gutters and down spouts to discharge rain water at least 8 feet away from the foundation. Rain rarely falls straight down, more often the rain is blowing against one side of the house. Heavy concentrations of water will run down the face of the wall next to the foundation.

Wet basements are common from the mid-west to the east cost and often found under newer homes. A variety of conditions will cause a basement to get wet and most can be dried up by putting gutters and down spouts on the house. Some will be dried up by filling low areas around the foundation with dirt and sod. The more severe wet basements can easily be dried up with our Seal Guard system.

Professional Basement Waterproofing Solutions
Wet Seal Waterproofing

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