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Expert Atlanta Waterproofing Solutions for Dry Basements

Expert Atlanta Waterproofing Solutions for Dry Basements

Cracks in your foundation can lead to a wet basement. This can cause mold to rot areas behind finished walls and damage carpet and flooring. Sealing the crack is half the battle. What we do is waterproofing but also water management. Once the area is sealed a subfloor system needs to be installed to relocate the source of the intrusion.


Water can enter and travel between the brick and the foundation wall. A drain line can be installed to inside the wall to draw the water out of the wall preventing it from entering through foundation walls. This is called a finger space drain.


Pipes and conduits entering foundations are an ideal spot for ground water to seep into lower levels. Sealing these pipes and placing a drainage line not only relocates the ground water build up but gives the source a path or least resistance. This alleviates any hydrostatic pressure around and beneath the substructure.


We also install exterior systems. These installations stop water at the foundation. Great for avoiding demolition and the rebuild expense of a finished basement.

Another area of your home that can cause problems is the crawlspace. Placing an interior perimeter drain and encapsulating it is what need to be done in this case. No Matter the case Wet Seal Waterproofing has the solution. Call today for your free inspection.