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Choose Mold Shield for Superior Mold Prevention

What your contractor is really using!
Citri Fresh is a great product that we use to eliminate mold in basements and crawlspaces. It’s applied to all floor joists and any exposed wood areas that have mold or used as a preventative treatment. But what is your contractor really spraying?You might want to ask to see the content of material before installation, because it’s most likely the wrong treatment!We understand the importance of job costing but most big name contractors are using a substituted all-purpose cleaning Citri Fresh called, Mold-B-Gone. It’s the wrong product! Mold-B-Gone is a cleaning solution, not a mold preventative.
What should be used is Mold ShieldWhat’s the difference?  About a few hundred dollars in material cost and the strength in the actual product. If it doesn’t say Mold Shield you don’t want it! But don’t take our word for it, here are the specs.
mold b goneHow do you like them apples.. Or Oranges!
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