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Comprehensive Guide to Waterproofing Systems for Your Home

Comprehensive Guide to Waterproofing Systems for Your Home

Once our representative arrives at your home we will go over and inspect your homes foundation and potential problem areas. You are your homes best advocate so although collecting dada is important, it is also important for the homeowner to know problem areas before our technician arrives. This will not give for a better solution but cut cost during the final estimate proposed.

If we are unable to locate where your  water intrusion is coming from as with all competitors we will suggest a full perimeter drain system. Systems are charged by the foot so as you could imagine knowing the source of the intrusion is key before the technician arrives. Nine out of ten times it most likely won’t be raining at the time of your inspection.

All data collected is an educated guess based on water staining and outdoor grade levels etc. The Job design is based on our experience as professionals as well as the owners experience in the home. Once an inspection has taken place the representative will then take measurements based on system length, labor, and time it takes to install and which materials will be used.

Foundations differ from home to home which differ from systems to be installed. This is why over the phone assessments can be difficult to determine without seeing the job first hand. Different foundations whether it be a monolithic slab or foundation footing could be the difference in man hours, material and job cost, but no worries. Finding out which solution is more suitable for you and your homes situation is determined my the evaluator.

Other factors also come into play when deciding solutions for waterproofing.  Some would prefer an exterior waterproofing system be installed over an interior system. For starters the technician must decide if an exterior system is even possible to carry out.

Questions of this procedure would be, What’s the grade level like to make plans for executing an exterior system?  How deep will the excavation be to install the system? Is the process even possible? Are there decks, AC units or other objects in the way preventing an exterior system?

Another factor is cost. Since we all charge by the foot. How much more will it cost us to remove lets say 12 feet of dirt in depth verses cutting a one foot depth in the slab from the inside. In all reality both interior waterproofing systems work other wise we wouldn’t install them but which one works more effectively and last long term.

Here’s the answer to that question. Exterior systems are limited to warranty. After excavation sealant is applied to the foundation wall and a drain pipe is installed at the footing. The footing is the lowest point of the foundation where the water needs to flow from. Gravel is then added for filtration. Next would be connecting a gravity discharge line, that can carry the water away from the homes foundation.

The final step is backfilling and tamping all the soil that was excavated in the beginning, and the system is complete. So why is this limited to warranty. The last step says it all. The system is buried thus leading for after an extended period of time mud or silt to clog the drain pipe. Exterior systems usually carry a life span of 5 to 10 years. The ideal permanent waterproofing system is an interior system.

Comprehensive Guide to Waterproofing Systems for Your Home

Interior waterproofing systems are designed to fit below the slab catching water from the wall and under the slab. When placed inside on the footing the water being absorbed in the channel or behind the walls vapor barrier are filtered through the walls concrete foundation. Therefore leaving for a permanent in penetrable system.

This means no clogging will ever take place and the system will work forever. This is how we are able to offer a life time guarantee with all interior waterproofing systems. Now we do get from time to time a customer who refuses to tear out his newly completed basement and prefers an exterior system.

The weighing factor here would be cost to install an exterior system, then to replace the tear out once the waterproofing system has been installed in your basement. In most cases removing finished walls and replacing them aren’t as costly to do so and your new system is warranted for the life of structure. The ideal system is an interior system.


Comprehensive Guide to Waterproofing Systems for Your HomeCall for your free in home evaluation today! Our pressure free evaluation will give you peace of mind and comfort knowing what it will take to fix your basement or crawlspace water intrusion. We leave you with not only knowledge of how we can fix the problem but literature showing exactly what system will be installed and visual pictures of what it looks like and what to expect.

We measure and explain every step of the process. We leave you with examples and brochures. We then email you an estimate later the same day then give you time to think about what you want to do. After all its your home and you need to be comfortable with the contractor you hire. Here at Wet Seal we strive to be honest and informative.

We don’t use scare tactics and upselling. Be leery of pushy sales men flashy trucks and brochures. Also big box companies with funny commercials and jazzy theme song radio commercials, bill boards etc. The costs of those ads as we all know are not cheap. So most likely the firm posting these ads aren’t going to be cheap either.

Not to say that when providing a service it does require a margin for profit. As a Wet Seal owner we aren’t here trying to get rich off your unwanted problems. We are just an honest company providing a useful service at affordable prices. Please give us a chance I assure you we won’t let you down. After being in the business 14 years we have seen it all and there isn’t a job we don’t have the solution for. Wet Seal is here to help when you need us.

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