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What is Hydrostatic Pressure and How It Affects Your Marietta House

What is Hydrostatic Pressure and How It Affects Your Marietta House

What is hydrostatic pressure?

What does it have to do with my water problems in my Marietta home?

Well here is your answer. Hydrostatic pressure is the force put forth by standing water as gravity forces it to constantly find its way down. Water will always find the lowest point, no matter what. In this case it just so happens that the lowest place is your crawlspace or basement.

What is Hydrostatic Pressure and How It Affects Your Marietta HouseThere is always water flowing around your home here in Marietta, it’s an inescapable fact. Here in Georgia with all our wonderfully random weather, we tend to have more water than most. Water naturally flows around and under the foundation of your house, but every so often it works its way in.

As the water hits the foundation of the house and begins to build in areas surrounding it, pressure builds. As it builds it begins to force itself through the wall and into your home. Water seeps through the porous concrete or any cracks and imperfections in the wall. When this happens to a basement or crawlspace, the only true solution is to waterproof it. When it comes to waterproofing your home in Marietta Georgia, there is no better company than Wet Seal Waterproofing!

Here at Wet Seal Waterproofing we are the experts on hydrostatic pressure in Georgia homes. With knowlegable workers, and the best customer service this side of the Mississippi, Wet Seal is the company to call. Hydrostatic pressure is a part of life and builds around most houses over time. As that time passes, water will work its way in. That’s when you call the experts. Once the water has made its’ way in, just call Wet Seal Waterproofing.

We offer a lifetime transferable warranty on any interior work done on your Georgia home. Every home we touch comes with a warranty. We do this because we can guarantee that our system works. You may ask “but what if the system ever leaks?” , well thats easy. Just give us a call and we’ll come fix it for free. When it comes to taking care of the hydrostatic pressure in your Marietta home, there’s nobody better. Give us a call Today!