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Effective Downspout Extensions for Water Damage Prevention

The Perfect Solution for Erosion and Water Damage

A lot of old homes were built with downspouts connected with the main sewer system of the town. Downspout extension in Atlanta is necessary even if you do not currently have one. Most  contractors argue that this idea fails if there is heavy rainfall, which is the main reason why you need downspouts to be extended and attached to a drainage line.

drainage wet sealThe reality however is the other way around. The extensions offer protection against water damage and erosion. Downspout extensions are very easy to install and serve as an affordable solution to a big problem. Also, if installed soon enough can prevent you from future headaches and more severe problems.

The house can become vulnerable to structural damage caused by basement flooding. Coupled with electrical issues, the issue can become very dangerous. Problems  of items in daily use as well as furnishings, floors and walls. This may become a health problem for the entire household. Downspout extensions at your Atlanta home can assist you in managing the water around your house.

If you can’t get the downspout attached to the main sewage line, you need to make sure that it extends away from your house. Typically anywhere from 10 to 15 feet these lines should be ran or until gravity flow can take over. The downspout extension redirects the flow of water from the house. This helps in preventing flooding of the basement, damage to the foundation of the house, and all the risks associated with this problem.

image-13-09-14-04-06-4A downspout extension would protect the stability of your home and its surrounding landscape by keeping the water out of all the sensitive areas, and diverting it towards those areas where it can cause minimal damage. A lot of homes are surrounded by land or have access to a street which allows these extension water paths so that your home and family remain protected. When the rainwater is managed in a proper manner, it will be absorbed by plants and ground aquifers. This will prevent any damage to the house itself. If the rainwater is managed in a proper manner, it will also prevent foundation settlement.

Downspout extensions in Atlanta Georgia offers easy conduits for rainwater, keeping it away from the walls and the foundations of the house. Reducing volume of water around your home. You may also use these extensions for directing water into trenches and pathways. Proper management of rainwater also prevents insect infestations by eliminating breeding grounds for these pests especially mosquitoes.

Downspout extensions will insurance against water damage and soil erosion. You may also go for the retractable surface types that can be removed when you don’t need them.