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Efficient Basement Waterproofing Systems for a Dry and Safe Home

Efficient Basement Waterproofing Systems for a Dry and Safe Home

Science and mere observation is enough to let us know that it is rather rare for rain to fall straight down. More often than not, rain is blown against the sides of any house. Due to this particular direction, rain causes water running down the wall right next to the foundation. This is why it is highly important for any house to consist of gutters and downspouts. These two help in discharging rainwater at a good distance from the foundation.

Wet basements are a huge nuisance at best and these are surprisingly more common in new homes. There are multiple reasons for a wet basement, but putting up gutters and down spouts are some of the very best solutions for them. The less severe cases can easily be handled but the more serious ones require usage of a proper seal guard system.

In a case of a leaky basement, installation of a sub floor system is the best solution. The exposure of your basement floor can be handled by any professional waterproofing management such as Wet Seal Waterproofing. A sound basement waterproofing system is a must for any new house and is definitely one of those steps you’d end up regretting if not taken in time. Sump pumps are the core element of any basement waterproofing system or project. Trained professionals handle the entire installation process and assure you the details of each step that is best suited for your house.

A good quality pump is the best choice when it comes to solving basement water leaking problems. Industrial standards for a sump pump is cast iron housing. This material is not only durable but also has the ability to dissipate heat. Switch type is generally preferred over a diaphragm switch while selecting a sump pump. It is relatively more reliable than the diaphragm switch. The best possible switch is the caged arm float one. It is the most favored one in basement waterproofing industry.

A three-pump system is also available in the market but it is very rare for use. A good quality high water alarm system is good enough for a house. There is no need to spend a fortune on the multi pump systems out there. The house is best protected under the alarm system as it alerts the user on system failure. Most companies offer a back up battery system, but isn’t really necessary. After all we do live in Georgia and power outages are rare and very minimal. They usually never arise and when they do most power companies answer promptly and quickly. A back up battery system is offered but in most cases is looked at as overkill.

You can always waterproof your basement without a sump pump, but it remains incomplete without one, in some cases. If in case, water does find a way in, unexpectedly, it can afflict the entire waterproofed system and you have to get a new one, with a sump pump of course. So, it is better to get one installed when you are getting your basement waterproofing done.

In some cases sump pumps may be eliminated by a gravity exit line, but in most cases it just isn’t possible due to the outdoor grade level. That’s why at Wet Seal we only install the best. All our pumps are backed with a three year manufactures warranty. Our Zoeller Cast Iron Pumps are your basement or crawlspace’s number one choice. Zoeller speacks quality, that’s why we stand behind their products and they stand behind us.