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Its Crawlspace Season!

Winter is coming and those crawlspaces need to be sealed.

IMG_7332-06-12-17-08-28Closing vents and encapsulating your crawlspace helps keep frigid temperatures out in the winter. We do this by covering the walls and floor with 15-20 mil plastic. This also eliminates cold floors in the winter and lowers high humidity levels in the hot summers. Placing a dehumidifier once the vapor barrier is installed is another great way to keeping humidity levels down. A long time ago contractors thought it was a good idea to vent crawlspaces by cutting openings. Our studies have shown that this is worse for the area.

The combination of sealing the walls and floor, sealing all vents and placing a dehumidifier makes for an ideal crawlspace. We conduct a standard mold treatment to all our encapsulation systems. Once the area is dry most mold dies off due to lack of moisture. Adding this step will not only help kill existing mold but will keep it from coming back for years to come.

In some cases a water proofing system may need to be added. This is determined prior to installing the encapsulation. If you need help with your crawlspace, call the experts at Wet Seal Waterproofing. We would love to help!