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Solving Outdoor Drainage Problems in Atlanta Georgia

The number of problems that occur in lawns and gardens due to standing water after heavy rain is more than one might imagine. Problems such as dying grass, water logging and wilting of shrubs are only a few amongst many others. Such a damp environment should not be allowed to be create especially in such times where mosquitoes are spreading deadly diseases. Apart from the potential human disorders that can be caused because of such a situation; the more obvious damage is to the lawn and landscape.

The overall health of that particular green patch takes a severe hit if this situation is left untreated for longer periods. WetSeal Waterproofing is here to help you solve your outdoor drainage problems in Atlanta Georgia. Any kind of issues related to outdoor drainage in Atlanta can be solved by our service.

Drainage issues for both commercial and residential customers are handled with complete efficiency. The effective solution to any outdoor drainage issue can only be provided after determining the source of that particular problem. Many solutions can be offered to solve drainage issues and redirecting drainage to a relatively lower part of the area, is one of them.

Our expert technicians at Wet Seal Waterproofing assures the client’s rapid identification of the source of their drainage problem and offers the best possible solution. Not only are our customers provided with an effective solution but also the most economical one. Solutions that are more commonly used include:


  • Leveling soil
  • Retaining walls
  • Installation of French drains
  • Catch basins
  • Dry wells


From the minor outdoor drainage problems to major water issues, our company caters to everything. Some issues are relatively handled with ease due to the simplicity of the solution. Our extensive experienced staff with the professional know-how of getting to the bottom of any drainage problems, is sent to your doorstep for your convenience. The customers are provided with details of each and every step before the initiation of the solution. This helps our staff in retaining the customers friendly reputation that we hold.

A thorough analysis is necessary of the entire landscape, with special emphasis on the water flow. More than often, no changes in the design and landscape lead to the creation of grading and contouring of the property. Other drainage elements can also be affected by changes of such. We will provide you with the best possible analysis and solutions that will surely give you the best options of outdoor drainage in Atlanta Georgia.