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Reliable Waterproofing Contractor with Key Professionals

Getting water, mold or pests in your house sucks a lot. What is worse is getting repairs and maintenance done that fails right when you needed it the most. This is why you need Wetseal waterproofing to do the job, once and the right way.

How do you know that Wetseal is the right contracting company for any sort of waterproofing and repairs job?

An experienced team of industry specialists:

Over the year, Wetseal waterproofing has gained the reputation of being an industry leader across the state because of its team. With all the experience and leadership that has resided with the company for years, every project they work on is not just a project, it’s an element of their reputation which takes a lot of blood to develop.

Thanks to its team or professionals, they start with the analysis of the location and by providing you an estimate of the cost, it is going to take to cover the mess. You can compare the quote with all the other quotes you get and compare the value and expertise of job that Wetseal provides; it will clearly stand tall from the rest. Why? Because they know what needs to be done.

The director of the company is an engineer from Alabama state university and has over 35 years of professional experience in some of the most reputable organization and world class projects. Other team members like the foreman, site inspector, project managers and evaluators, all have years of experience and state wide reputation for being true pros to the core.

Licensed to kill and awarded to eradicate!

Yes, Wetseal had been in the industry for many years and has license to take up waterproofing jobs across the state. It has won many awards because if its excellent services, an uncountable number of satisfied customers, hundreds of client testimonials and recommendations, and quality of services.

When it comes to killing mold, eradicating rodents and pest proofing your house, repairing drain systems, cleaning up and encapsulating crawlspaces and basements, Wetseal waterproofing is the most reliable service you can go for. As a matter of fact, Wetseal was awarded the best waterproofing contractor for the year 2014, adding another feather to its hat.

Lifetime warranty and guarantee:

You don’t find many contractors a few months after the job is done, because they go out of business. Wetseal waterproofing has been in this business for many years and offers life time warranty of the services provided and is actually there when you need them. They provide a free estimate after a thorough inspection of your property and have the ability to handle waterproofing, repairing and mold treatment of any scale. All projects complete with an agreement of lifetime treatments, keeping you stress free for the rest of your life. What else could you ask for?