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The Importance of Conducting a Service Call

Once your new system has been installed, it is a good idea to  have it routinely checked and tested. This will insure all components are working correctly and flushed to prevent clogging. Test ports are installed with every indoor sub-floor system. This allows us to adequately test systems after they are installed.

service call


It is important to have a yearly service call preformed. This can be provided by us, or you as the homeowner, can test your system by simply removing the cap to the water port and running a water hose. This will insure your system is working. Pumps should engage or gravity lines will flush.  Lawns-cape outlets and pop ups can be observed visually outside. You’ll know your system is working when water is exiting through these lines. Different things can happen, your pump can stop working. If you have a trench dug out for a drain, any number of things could damage your drain. If your drain becomes damaged or punctured then dirt and debris will get into it creating a clog. Roots can penetrate your exit line. This will back up your system. Repairs from other services could have disturbed your system unknowing and accidentally. As an example we revisited a customer in Buford Georgia and conduced a water test. I few short minutes and we found the system was backing up. It appeared that the the drain line outside was clogged. It turned out the customer had a new drive way installed a few weeks prior and in the event removed the drain line.  A new drain line was installed and prevented much greater damage if the system had failed. You could have an area in your basement or crawlspace that wasn’t waterproofed or encaspulated. It would be a good idea to check the unprotected areas periodically. This will insure these areas haven’t been compromised. This could interfere with your previous work you had done. Once the system has been installed there are a checklist of items the homeowner is given of do’s and dont’s.  One of them being absolutely no nails are to puncture the system during a build back. It is very important to have your yearly service call to check on any of these issues to make sure your home is safe and everything is running as it should. If systems are found inoperable check your warranty and call us to scheduled your annual service call.