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Understanding Hydrostatic Pressure in Basement


Hydrostatic Pressure or, “water pressure” is a primary cause of basement water problems in Atlanta Georgia and is a serious issue.  Excess moister in the soil around your homes foundation creates hydrostatic pressure in basement that can cause cracks in foundation walls that cause water to seep into your living space. Constant excess moisture will often cause block walls to sweat, causing water to pool inside basement walls.

In most cases, some homeowners don’t even know they have a water problem because the water is hiding in the cells of your homes foundation. Over time pressure from soil and water exerts itself against your homes foundation. This pressure forces water to come up under the slab or through the walls. If can even cause foundation failure or force blocks to buckle and shift inwards, creating a structural integrity issue in a lot of Georgia homes.

Look for cracks or gaps in your blocks. Buckling in your walls or other signs of water intrusion, either from the slab or around the perimeter of the basement. Weeping blocks and prior water damage can also be a sign of excess moisture and hydrostatic pressure. The best approach to alleviate hydrostatic pressure or excess moisture in the soil is thought interior or exterior waterproofing and sometimes a combination of both. Theses systems are determined on a number of factors which only a specialist would know the best solution.


The Difference Between Interior & Exterior Waterproofing.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

In an interior waterproofing, underground water is redirected from the footing by an interior drain system, to a sump pump and out of the home. In some cases a gravity exit line rather than a sump pump may be the solution to your problem.

ext waterproofingIn exterior waterproofing, water is captured before it can enter the home and diverted away from the homes foundation. In some cases downspouts and catch basins need to be added to areas of more concern. For more information about interior or exterior waterproofing in Atlanta Georgia, give us a call and speak to one of our experienced waterproof specialists.