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Which Waterproofing Methods is Best for Your Atlanta Home

Which Waterproofing Methods is Best for Your Atlanta Home

What Causes Water Seepage?

As we know Georgia is prone to extreme climate change. Constant weather changes can result in severe foundation damage over time. These damages can result in not only foundation settlement but also open water intrusions to your Atlanta homes foundation. Winter or cold weather is what normally causes the most foundation damage. Leaving cracks and voids in and underground soil and cement concrete walls.

Summer rains use these cracks as channels and stream right into open cavity’s of your homes basement or crawlspace. Thus leaving you with a wet or flooded basement. So what can we do to fix this water seepage? First we must come up with a strategic waterproofing system that is right for you. This can either be an interior system or an exterior system.

How do you know which waterproofing methods is right for you?

Here at Wet Seal Waterproofing we install both interior and exterior systems. In Atlanta Georgia both systems work very well for keeping basements dry. Determining an exterior verses an interior system  depends on a few factors. Grade levels and obstructions like decks or AC units, trees, porches and retaining walls could be an issue that will prevent the installation of an exterior system.

In a lot of cases the items are best not to be disturbed. However exterior systems are not recommended on cinder block wall foundations due to the cells being hollow. The ground water could potentially enter in a different location and travel inside the wall and bypass an exterior system completely. Exterior systems hold no warranty due to weathering, clogging with mud/silt, roots and etc.

An ideal candidate for an exterior system is a structure with a poured wall foundation and little to know obstructions in the way. Interior systems are warranted for the entire life of the structure because the water is filtered by foundation walls and stay clear and clean of debris. With an interior system it is never clogged. This is why it is usually the best solution for your basement water intrusion.

Also comparing price in most cases an exterior system usually cost the same or more depending on the depth of the digging/excavation. Installations are charged by material, time and cost of course but also the square/linear feet of the excavated depth and length. This does drive up price of higher depths especially for low level basements.

So what would make the ideal candidate for an exterior system?Which Waterproofing Methods is Best for Your Atlanta Home

  1. Outside grade levels are sloped leaving adequate fall for a discharge line.
  2. Preferably foundation walls should be a solid poured wall foundation.
  3. The work is clear of obstructions such as Ac units, porches, decks, sidewalks, driveways, trees, retaining walls, etc.
  4. Basements which are finished and wish to be undisturbed.
  5. Cost to install the system fall significantly lower or are more within reason compared to an interior system.
Why should I install an interior system?
1. All interior systems are backed with a lifetime transferable warranty.
2. Poured wall foundations are never clogged due to weather as an exterior system would.
3. Cement walls filter seepage which leaves the system self maintained.
4. The water table under your homes slab is lower for proper drainage.
5. Unfinished basements are an ideal candidate.  Cost to install the system fall lower compared to an exterior system.
Some would think well I’m going to choose this system over that one. It doesn’t quite work like that. Most systems are not chosen but are calculated and measured by factors and are determined by your homes foundation.
Both systems are great but should be compared to determine the best solution for your Georgia home. Our skilled design expert will do all the work for you and determine which system is the best suitable for you.