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Expert Crawlspace Encapsulation in Atlanta for a Healthy Home

Your Guide to Crawlspace Encapsulation in Atlanta

Encapsulating a crawlspace means that you are going to seal it from the outside world and keep it that way for a long time. Crawlspace encapsulation in Atlanta include sealing the walls, waterproofing it, treating the wood against pests inside the crawlspace, repairing and sealing the ducts and pipelines, vapor proofing entire crawlspace and conditioning the air in the end.

It may look like a project you can do yourself; however, it is not recommended because it requires a lot of experience, tools and equipment to do the sealing for good. Still if you are interested in learning the steps involved, here they are:

Step 1

The first step of crawlspace encapsulations in Atlanta is analyzing whether it can be treated or not. Several factors play a vital role in it like the condition of the crawlspace, water and pest issues and of course, the type of ducting you have down there. It is not possible to encapsulate all types of crawlspaces.

Your crawlspace may require some changes to the structure to make it alienated from the outside world. Pay close attention to water and pest issues before you begin the encapsulation if you do not want to waste your money.

Step 2

The second step is of treating the wood for pests and sealing the walls. After you have done that, you have to use a vapor impermeable plastic sheet to cover the walls and the floor. No side of the crawlspace is to be left uncovered. Fasten the sheet tightly to the walls and floors so that it does not fall off even over the years.

Once the sheets are all set up, you insulate them with a foam gun or any other durable sealing product. The insulation will make the crawlspace airtight to avoid moisture and mold from growing inside. The entrance to the crawlspace should not be left unattended. It also needs to be properly insulated.

Step 3

Conditioning the air is also important to ensure the effectiveness of crawlspace encapsulations in Atlanta. The best way to do it is by installing a standalone dehumidifier to the crawlspace. It will automatically turn up when humidity level rises.

The condensed moisture is taken out by an condenser in the system with an outlet securely leaving the crawlspace. There are other ways to condition the air inside the crawlspace as well, which have equal disadvantages as compared to the advantages.

Crawlspace encapsulations in Atlanta are very popular because they not only add value to the house but also allow its residents to live a healthy and comfortable lifestyle. When done properly by a professional team, it reduces heating and cooling costs and adds life to the floors right above the crawlspace.