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Dealing with Block Wall Foundation Issues in Atlanta

Dealing with Block Wall Foundation Issues in Atlanta

Maybe your not seeing a wet floor or puddles of water in your basement. You could be experiencing a musty smell or even a humid basement. Where is this coming from?


One may ask, “How do I know if I have a water problem?”

Dealing with Block Wall Foundation Issues in AtlantaA sure sign of some of these symptoms are usually an indication of underground water seepage. The fist signs of a water issue in your Atlanta home is discolored foundation walls. This is normally found in block wall foundations. Cinderblock walls are hollow and can be a holding ground for outdoor rain water. This makes it very hard to detect the water source until it appears in your living space, unless you know a very easy safety tip.

Concrete walls when wet darken or discolor. This is a sure sign of trapped water behind foundation walls and it is only a matter of time before it ends up in your home. Cinderblock walls are known to hold up to thousands of gallons of water. Overtime gravity runs its course and the water seeps through the block and into lower levels of your Atlanta home. This is also known as Hydrostatic pressure.


Some would say, “I don’t have a block wall foundation.”

Dealing with Block Wall Foundation Issues in AtlantaPoured wall foundations can also create the same problems. Although the wall is solid and holds no cavities like a block wall foundation, this doesn’t mean your foundation is bullet proof. Ground water can hide and collect behind these underground walls the same way. This water is usually entered through the footing underneath the slab or in cracks in the wall itself. Silt or traces of mud drips are a good indication of early warning signs. Also traces of white powder known as effervesces will appear. Discoloration around cracks are also a good early warning sign.


Most basements are finished, “What can I do to determine early warning signs?”

Call us! Wet Seal offers a free in home inspection to the Atlanta and Metro Atlanta area. We will send a certified technician out to your home, no charge to you at all and hassle free. We will determine the source to any water leaks or preventatives you should take to insuring a dry, healthy and long lasting basement.




Most basements are finished and usually water detections are investable until it appears on your basement floor.