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Effective Crawl Space Waterproofing Tips for Atlanta Homes

Effective Crawl space Waterproofing Tips for Atlanta Homes

Tips for waterproofing the crawlspace:

One of the biggest problems in a crawlspace of Atlanta homes is the high level of moisture and humidity.  This can result not only in formation of bad odors but also dry rot, mold and it is the perfect environment for insects to breed. Therefore waterproofing the crawl space is a big requirement of every homeowner in Atlanta.

Crawl space waterproofing is very important to you. It can ensure a clean and safe home for all the occupants. In any time, it helps in the prevention of floods, molds and mildew. It even inhabits growth of insects and other living creatures in the crawl space. Here are five tips to consider while waterproofing your crawl space:

Before construction: When starting the construction of your house you should first analyze and assess the climate and terrain of the location. Any site where the water table is near the ground level and just below the house can have serious problems of crawlspace flooding. In such scenarios you should build the house on a slab without a crawlspace or basement.

Make exterior drainage: If the soil on your site is very moist or your house is near a river, stream or pond you should definitely think of developing external drainage system. You should go for waterproofing around the exterior of the crawlspace as well. You can use the waterproofing agent that is applied to a concrete or a slab of gravel surface as deep as the footing of the foundation. You can then apply a drainage system around the footing. Follow the help of professional expert.

Use of Sump pumps: Utilization of sump pumps for removal of water from the crawlspace is very effective. You need a proper installation of the sump pump with piping for directing the water away. Select a pump on basis of gallons removed not just horsepower.

Making the Air Dry Inside: Using a dehumidifier for keeping the inside air in the crawlspace dry reduces the chance of increased moisture levels. You should also decrease the ventilation as much as possible.

In case of floods: If you see that there is at least 2 inches of flood water  in the crawlspace then for sure you need a professional exterior systems repair and maintenance. Hire a good professional contractor in Atlanta like . Remove all the water with a sump pump and carry out required process on the exterior footings.

Planned Exteriors systems in Atlanta will really be very helpful in protecting your house from drainage, seepage and give real strength to your house.