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When to Call a Waterproofing Specialist for Groundwater Leaks

Preventing Foundation Leaks: When to Call a Waterproofing Specialist
A lot of people mistake ground water leaks for plumbing leaks. Most people see water and immediately call a plumber. Once a plumber has diagnosed you don’t have a plumbing leak and you are hit with a service charge, your still stuck with the issue at hand. Water intrusions from the ground, wall, or slab are considered foundation leaks and must be handled or directed to a waterproofing specialist.
Preventing Foundation Leaks: When to Call a Waterproofing SpecialistWater problems can arise in both finished and unfinished basements in and around metro Atlanta areas. In most  cases with unfinished basements the water intrusion is much more visible and more noticeable. You may see puddles of water on the floor or streams of water running down the wall. Some intrusions seep in through joints and cracks while others push their way through the pours concrete.
This is known as hydrostatic pressure. Discoloration of cinderblocks is also a strong indication of trapped ground water within the walls. The white powdery subsistence that forms on concrete surfaces may appear. These are all strong indications that you may need to call a waterproofing specialist.
IMG_1637For finished basements it tends to get a little tricky. You may not see any water at all but have a musty or moldy smell. You could see mold growing on sheetrock, furniture and carpet. It could feel humid or damp within the living area. Insects and critters may begin to appear.
Although finished portions may hide water seepage well, in other cases you could see water intrusions right away. Most commonly water will appear on carpet and water stains on baseboards. This is only the beginning stage of what water can do. Over time the water can do some serious damage to your home causing for a more expensive and unwanted problem.
The most common area one would overlook is the crawlspace. Most homes in and around the metro Atlanta area come with a crawlspace. The area in which all your homes internal functions are hidden away. This being one of the lowest points of a homes structure, water loves to rest here.
The crawlspace isn’t an area where most homeowners dwell or see on a regular bases. Water trapped in this space is very dangerous, not only for your home but four your wellbeing. One would say, its ok its all trapped in the area and wont effect me. Not true at all. Standing water can cause mold and soil gases to develop not only in the crawlspace but also in upper levels of you home ass well.
In many cases your furnace is located in the crawlspace. The air that is recirculating through your home is carried from the furnace. This air is the harmful crawlspace air that has been consumed with hazardous toxins from standing ground water. Other complications instill rotting wood and spawning mold.
This can lead to foundation settlement, saggy floors, buckling of hardwoods, damp carpet, cracked walls, separation of door jams, insects, health problems and so much more. Inspect your crawlspace regularly or call an expert who has the proper equipment and know how to make your home a safer place for you and your family.