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Outdoor Drainage

Outdoor Drainage

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Outdoor Drainage

Are your downspouts extended?

95% of all basement & crawlspace seepage are caused from downspout run off and bad drainage. Don’t let storm water ruin your home. Guard your investment with Seal Guard. Speak to a Master Seal Technician today for your free estimate.

Here at Wet Seal Waterproofing we do a number of things that will prevent water seepage into your home from the outside. We extend downspouts to ensure that all water is properly rerouted away from your foundation. In some cases water can puddle in dips and swells in your yard. In this case you may need a catch basin to redirect any puddling. Any puddling water near and around your foundation is a potential risk of water seepage.

Outdoor Drainage and Waterproofing Specialists in Atlanta

In some instances driveways and dirt grade slope toward your house inviting rain water to enter your garage or carport. This can cause major foundation settlement not only to your foundation but to your slab as well. To avoid this problem it is best to install an outdoor channel drain that catches any storm water run off before it enters any cracks or causes any settlement.

If the grade level outside is higher than the floor level inside, this grade level needs to be lowered. This could cause water to enter more easily. Sometimes needing to be excavated completely and install a retaining wall to hold up surrounding soil. Wet Seal only installs the best and never settles for less. It is always recommended using stone, block or concrete retaining walls. Wooden retaining walls and rail road ties are never recommended. Why spend the time and money on a product that could potentially rot away in a couple years, leaving you with a bigger mess then when you started. That’s why we recommend doing the job right the first time and permanently.

Any of these issues should not be taken lightly and should be corrected as soon as possible. When it comes to water, you may not see signs at first but over time could lead to major problems and damage. Don’t wait until it’s to late. Fix the problem now before it gets worse. Let us help you set your mind at ease.

Outdoor Drainage and Waterproofing Specialists in Atlanta
Outdoor Drainage and Waterproofing Specialists in Atlanta
Wet Seal Waterproofing

One of Georgia’s leading basement and crawlspace waterproofing specialists

One of the usual mistakes that are made during construction of a house is having bad outdoor drainage. In most cases, it happens when uncertain weather conditions, natural disasters or when it is knowingly ignored. As result, you may have clogged drainage in your house or water standing in your yard and parking after heavy rains.

Water can be very destructive to your house, especially if collects around your house. The biggest damage it causes is to the foundation of your house, causing cracks, leaks and mold to your property. These gradually undermine the foundation of your house, devaluing it on the whole. In worst cases, excessive rot may also cause your house to collapse without you knowing when it happened.

Outdoor drainage depends on the elevation of your house, the height of the foundation and weather conditions. There are different types of drainage system but there are some easy ways that you can see how your water drain is doing.

The first thing you have to evaluate is the elevation of your house from the surrounding. Your house has to be above the ground and the yard or the parking lot should not be sloping towards the building. Also take a good look at the landscaping around your house if it is high as compared to the house. The sloping surroundings make the water run towards the property and is cannot be drained, which then goes into your foundations and damages the structure.

Look around your house and see if you can find paint fails, or cracks in the walls. This especially includes the basement of your house and the exterior walls of your structure. Also note cracks in your parking and floors to see if you find cracks or heaves anywhere. If these signs are there, you needs a thorough inspection of your drain system

when it rains it drainsOne of the biggest sign that you have water drainage problems is having mold anywhere in your house. If you have mold in your basement or crawlspace, you need to pay immediate attention to it and remedy it.

Most of all, pay attention to the outdoor drainage and see where and how the water leaves your property. The farther it goes from your property, the better. If the drain leads to your lawn, the lawn should not be sloping towards the house.

If you are moving into or buying a new house and don’t have time to do outdoor drainage inspection yourself, you can hire a property inspection service that will give you a detailed report on all property failures and the cost of taking care of the problems the house has. This way you can take care of the issues before you move into it.